100% of medical examination and treatment for soldiers according to health insurance cards from 2018

Party Committee, Board of Directors of 175 Military Medical Hospital held the Military Conference of the second quarter of 2018 and implemented solutions to implement the key tasks assigned by the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of Defense.

The conference evaluated the implementation of the objectives and tasks in the first quarter of 2018 to stand out in the following activities: SSC, ensuring medical examination and treatment, emergency treatment of the island, regular emergency and high occasions. New Year’s Day 2018; preparing and welcoming the United Nations delegation to examine and evaluate the preparation of the No. 2 Vietnam Field Hospital to perform the task in the area of the United Nations mission, international cooperation in the deployment technical training, technical transfer, improve English proficiency for officials, doctors, doctors …

Major General, Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Hong Son rewarded outstanding individuals.

The presentations at the conference focused on promoting emulation movement, implementing solutions, technical initiatives, overcoming difficulties in the second quarter of 2018 to improve the quality of hospital treatment and management. , close coordination between specialized departments in receiving, managing emergency, treating patients to ensure the highest efficiency. In particular, the conference set out many solutions to well implement the health insurance for military personnel according to the new policy and guidelines of the Ministry of Defense, which is 100% of military personnel in medical examination and treatment units under insurance cards. medical from 2018.

To ensure the highest quality of treatment for military personnel belonging to military regions, armies, army units, academies, schools, local military agencies in the southern region. The hospital strengthens guidance and strict implementation of regulations of health insurance to ensure the most favorable health insurance settlement; focus on improving patient services to bring the trust and brand of the hospital …

According to BV175

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