40 spectacular days of returning Spratly fishermen from the dead

Spending nearly 600 km flying from Military Hospital 175 to Boat Fishing Island, 40 days of intense effort to cure and treat, fishermen who were crushed during fishing were resurrected spectacularly.

On July 16, Military Hospital 175 received 2 patients Le Van Tinh (born in 1990) and Pham Thanh Bang (born in 1997) who lived in Phu Quy and Binh Thuan, and were helicopters from Truc Corporation. promoted to the South (Vietnam-Army Helicopter Corporation 18) to transport from Truong Sa due to a labor accident. Due to the mild condition, Bang’s patient was discharged before.

Dr. Dong gave flowers to congratulate the provincial patients

On August 27, Colonel, Doctor – Doctor Tran Le Dong, Deputy Director of Military Hospital 175 said the health status of the patient Le Van Tinh (28 years old, living in Phu Quy, Binh Thuan) – fishermen suffered Accident was transferred from BS 175 Military Hospital from Truong Sa to emergency on July 16 has recovered.

According to Dr. Dong, the situation of the provincial patients when being brought to BV is extremely serious. “As soon as the patient was transferred to BV, the doctors immediately diagnosed the situation of patients with multiple trauma, abdominal injury, small intestine, pelvic fracture, open fracture 2 right leg bone, appeared love Severe necrosis and prognosis, ”Dong said.

After conducting consultation, the doctors decided to have surgery to resolve the lesions for this patient. The patient undergoing surgery to the abdomen cuts two segments of the small intestine then stitches, reshaping the hip and leg bones.

Dr. Dong information about the patient’s condition

“By this time, the patient was temporarily fine but his health was still very weak, severe shock, infection, pneumonia. Doctors must continuously filter blood and manage the continued condition of the leg bones, totaling up to 3 times, ”Dr. Dong added.

After 40 days of dedicated treatment, the health of the provincial fishermen has stabilized. However, the doctors said patients still have to go through 1-2 more adjustments to the leg bone to recover normally.

According to the doctors, the emergency flight this time has to go through two stages: from the mainland to the Spratly island, to take refueling aircraft and then continue to fly to Boat Islands, the total distance of nearly 600 km.

According to BV175

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