Hospital of the second level was ready to travel to South Sudan

In July 2014, Military Medical Hospital 175 received the task from the Ministry of Defense to establish the First Military Hospital No. 2, the first medical unit of Vietnam to join the United Nations (UN) Mission. in South Sudan …

On November 25, 2014, BV Da War 2 level 1 was established with the first personnel, selected from Military Hospital 175, BV 7A, 7B (Military Zone 7) and Army 4.Value Army. For nearly 4 years participating in rigorous training, BV College of War 2 is now ready to wait for the day to receive the mission.

First steps

The mid-June days, the weather in Ho Chi Minh City is dense, when the sun is hot, when it comes to rain, but it does not stop the spirit and will of the soldiers “green beret” of BV Da War 2 level 1 is working hard to practice between “Sports school” simulated at Military Medical Hospital 175.

Pointing at the practicing soldiers, Major Bui Duc Thanh, Director of the First Military Hospital No. 1, said that his brothers and sisters are preparing to rush to cross the road through South Sudan.

Recalling the first days of the establishment of BV Da Dau 2 level 1, Major Bui Duc Thanh shared, the most stressful is the recruitment of human resources. Criteria for selecting personnel must focus on factors such as moral qualities, professional competence (must have foreign language skills).

Governor of Australia, Peter Cosgrove, exchanged with Vietnam’s No. 2 combatant BV Da Chien

The request of the UN is very strict, but the most difficult is the requirement of foreign language skills. “The first stage of English is the biggest obstacle, because most doctors, nurses, nurses and their technicians have a limited English proficiency, but the UN requires an English standard of IELTS 5.5 or higher, It is very difficult for all staff.

Therefore, you must continue learning English with the support of the Australian Embassy, ​​”Major Bui Duc Thanh said. Along with the training in foreign languages, the military soldiers of the field combat army are also trained very carefully in the expertise, survival skills, skills to deal with unexpected accidents.

Technically, military soldiers must not only be proficient in medicine but also be able to operate military medicine in harsh picnic environments. In particular, the field trainings lasted all day and night in the deep forest, which is a practical experience but also a difficult challenge for officers and soldiers of the field combat army.

According to Major General Nguyen Hong Son, General Director of Military Medical Hospital 175, because this is the first time the Vietnam People’s Army went abroad to perform its duties, it was also the first time to bring an entire hospital to work independently. foreign countries, there is no precedent, so the work of preparing forces, examining the tests is done extremely harsh according to UN standards.

For nearly four years, both the Ministry of Defense and the Military Hospital 175 and the military soldiers of the field of war had to groped and learn. “There are many processes, many requirements are completely different from the standards that Vietnam is implementing. Many times, when the training is completed, the UN will not accept it and when it is tested, it will need to be retrained. In the process of examination, there were people who were eliminated, had to replace new people and retrain from the beginning, extremely difficult, ”Major General Nguyen Hong Son shared.

Ready for a new challenge

Currently, all facilities are well prepared by the hospital, ready to go, with a total of more than 350 tons of goods, transported by air.

BV is also sponsored by the Australian Government 2 flights, necessary equipment and people preparing to go, and other bulky vehicles such as cars, generators …, will be transported by sea, Road.

Also according to Major General Nguyen Hong Son, if it was previously said that the Vietnamese army was at war, the time was different. The Vietnamese soldier protected peace, “exported” peace to the world, introduced the image of Uncle Ho in the peacetime.

In addition to professional duties, cultural exchange with other countries, introduction of Vietnamese culture and images with conical hats, ao dai, four-piece dress, folk songs, Vietnamese food … to promote images of Vietnam to the world.

Vietnamese “green beret” soldiers perform emergency rescue exercises

“Nearly four years of preparation, very long, very thorough, with many challenges, because of the tasks and tasks assigned by the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of Defense, we want to assert to the world that military forces Vietnam’s medical capabilities, can meet UN health requirements. Up to this point, the first No. 2 Da Dau BV has completed the staffing with 73 personnel, each has clear working positions and is ready to go on duty in July, “Major General Nguyen Hong Son affirmed.

In the last time to check the preparation work of the hospital on April 4, 2016, Thuong General Nguyen Chi Vinh, Deputy Minister of Defense also said that, after nearly 4 years of elaborate preparation, BV Vietnam’s first level 2 fight has reached the standards set by the UN and may be ready to go.

This is the premise for Hospital No.2 of level 2 and the next unit of Vietnam will join the UN peacekeeping force in 2020. “Participation in UN peacekeeping operation is master. The grand opening of the Party and the State in deep international integration, especially in defense, opens a new channel of cooperation between Vietnam and its partners.

The successful deployment of the field combat army has important implications for the army and the country, affirming the growth of the “green beret” force of our army, enhancing the image of Vietnam in the country. “General, Nguyen Chi Vinh stressed.

And 73 officials and employees of BV Da War 2 level 1 are looking forward to the day of departure, put on green helmets with the symbol of peace and bring in the heart of the hot blood of Vietnamese people available Ready to accept the mission.

Major Bui Thi Xoa, the nurse of the field hospital, the oldest woman in the delegation, confided that joining the peacekeeping force with her was a process of hesitation, from learning foreign languages ​​to working ” Temporarily put aside “housework, husband and children to go on the road to receive tasks.

She said, all prepared, from experience to spirit ready to go. “We will welcome a traditional Tet in Africa, so I will pack banh chung, so that my brothers and sisters will be able to relieve my hometown and want to introduce to my friends the unique cuisine of the Vietnamese people.

Along with that are the folk songs, folk dance in traditional Ao Dai, we are also trained proficiently, so that the party can interact with international friends, introduce more about culture and Vietnamese people, ”said Thoa.

“Officially becoming a member of the UN since September 20, 1977, over the past 40 years, Vietnam has always been with the UN on development journeys. Vietnam has always shown the role of an active and responsible member to participate in peacekeeping. The successful deployment of BV Da Chien level 2 warfare has important implications for the Vietnamese army, affirming the growth of the “green beret” force of our army, enhancing the image of Vietnam. in the international arena, ”said Superior General Nguyen Chi Vinh, Deputy Minister of Defense.

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