Don’t worry about lack of pork in the cholera epidemic of African pigs

If the cholera epidemic in Africa continues to spread in Vietnam, is it likely to affect the supply of pork in the country? The director of the Department of Livestock Production said that if farm production is maintained in scale, there is no shortage of food supply.

According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Duong, Acting Director of the Department of Livestock Production (MARD), we have identified the risks and effects of cholera swine in Africa, actively and positively preventing and mobilizing the whole system. politics in order to minimize the impact and ensure the growth of the industry and social consumption.

Although there are several dozen provinces that have detected swine flu in Africa, the number of pigs destroyed compared to the total of 28 million pigs is still low, not affecting food. Currently pork accounts for 70% of the meat structure in daily meals, but may be down 60-65%, Duong said.

Meanwhile, raising animal husbandry has advantages, no risk factors for diseases such as raising chickens, eggs, breeding cattle, goats and rabbits, to bring the proportion of little animals. risk of disease increases. For pigs, trying to keep the weight or decrease is not much. Increase the scale to offset domestic and export food demand.

“Consumers also have to change their consumption structure to switch to poultry meat, fish, shrimp … This one decreases, the other increases, consumer structure is still guaranteed, “Mr. Duong said.

Previously, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that in the case of the cholera epidemic of African pigs continue to spread in Vietnam, which could affect domestic supply, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will direct commercial enterprises to import from water is not affected by African swine flu epidemic such as American, Australian, Korean, Indian …

However, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Duong said that at present, we should not consider the plan to import pork. If farm production is maintained in scale, there is no shortage of food supply.

“As an agricultural country, when we think about import plans, we should not think about it. We believe that 28 million pigs can be maintained, ”Duong stressed.

According to the report on 2/5 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in April 2019, the price of live hog tends to increase again. The main reason is the spread of African swine flu (ASF) over the past time, which caused farmers to sell off before to avoid virus infection but then did not dare to re-herd and consumer demand increased. again. Compared to the end of March 2019, the price of pigs in many provinces increased from VND 4,000 to VND 6,000 / kg to about VND 39,000 – 49,000 / kg.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade also said that the pig consumption market is recovering well and is nearly back to the level before the cholera epidemic in Africa, the pig market is not worried and the price is in the coming time because the source of pigs exists Big companies are still quite abundant. This is also the reason why livestock companies are lowering pig prices to push goods to market. On the other hand, some businesses are planning to increase pork imports so the market will be unlikely to fluctuate strongly in price.

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