Functions and duties of the steering route

The functions and tasks of the line steering are to grasp the professional situation of hospitals and units under the advisory scheme to propose training, training and technical transfer plans to help hospitals and hospitals distribute Technological development meets the task requirements in the ladder of treatment in peacetime as well as when situations occur.

Coordinate to grasp the situation of emergency quality, referral treatment of hospitals and units. Make announcements about withdrawal route experiences in specific cases.

Advising and coordinating the implementation of the work to ensure the Truong Sa Lon military.

Coordinate to implement the program of combining civilian and civilian military forces according to the hospital’s plan.
Scientific research on linear work.

Professional activities
Coordinate to organize, train and replace rotating army units in Truong Sa Lon island clinic.

Coordinate to organize field activities in remote, disadvantaged areas to provide medical examination, health advice, free medicine for people and policy beneficiaries.

Coordinate to organize medical examination and free medicine for policy beneficiaries and people with merit in the city. Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.

Develop plans and organize technical transfer for hospitals and line units

Develop annual training and training plans for units and hospitals.

To coordinate with provincial general hospitals to exchange experiences, train, transfer and transfer patients to ensure high technical maintenance and development requirements.

Scientific research, development prospects.
Continuing to maintain and well implement the support of hospitals and lower-level hospitals in terms of technical expertise.

Organize medical examination, health counseling, free medicine supply for people in remote areas and main subjects to contribute to good implementation of Army rear policy.

Organize the annual conference to assess the results of online activities, draw experiences on technical transfer and training.

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