Going to Truong Sa, welcome two fishermen injured in the night

At 3:00 am on 3am September 17, 2018, the helicopter took the emergency group of Military Hospital 175 to Phan Vinh Island to welcome two fishermen to the mainland for treatment.

Airline rescue team of Military Hospital 175 (HCMC) on September 16 received an order to move to Vung Tau. Only a few hours later, the team of doctors and helicopters set out for Phan Vinh Island, in the Spratly Islands. After 3 hours of flying, the crew was present at the scene to conduct resuscitation for two fishermen and take them to HCM City for treatment.

Doctor treating Ngai patients at Military Hospital 175.

Patients of 40-year-old Nguyen Ngoc Ngai and 24-year-old Bui Van Do of Quang Ngai, who are fishermen catching seafood on the Spratly Islands, suffer from labor accidents. Mr. Ngai comatose deeply, multiple injuries, cranial trauma, left temporal fracture, subdural hematoma, cerebral palsy, cerebral hemorrhage, cheekbones … Status of patients with milder, provincial apple.

After moving to Ho Chi Minh City, two fishermen have been the surgeons and monitored their health.

According to BV175

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