Helicopters crossed the sea in the middle of the night to save workers with heart attacks

On the morning of May 24, receiving urgent orders from Truong Sa, emergency crews departed immediately in the night from Tan Son airport to Da Lat island to receive workers suffering from heart attacks on the mainland for treatment.

On May 24, Colonel – Doctor Truong Dinh Cam, deputy director of 175 Military Medical Hospital, said the hospital had saved Nguyen Cong Chinh’s life (42 years old, lighthouse employee on Da Lat Island of the electricity company. Dong Hai and Hai Dao, Southern Maritime Safety Assurance Corporation.

Before that, noon, on May 23, Mr. Chinh was transferred from Da Lat Island to Truong Sa Island Island in the situation of sternum angina, shortness of breath, dizziness.

Male workers with heart attack were transferred to the mainland from Changsha

At the clinic, he was examined and consulted through the online medical system (telemedicine) with doctors at Military Medical Hospital 175 (HCMC). Doctors diagnosed him with pre-acute regional myocardial infarction, severe prognosis, the risk of progressive heart failure, arrhythmia, cardiac shock.

Realizing the situation of critical patients, the doctors immediately ordered to transport patients to Military Hospital 175 emergency.

More than 20 pm on May 23, the emergency crew from 175 Military Hospital boarded the helicopter to the island.

Immediately after being taken to Ho Chi Minh City, the doctors heated and placed 2 stents (support frame) in the yellow artery branch (LAD1) and coronary artery muscle (LAD3) because he had completely blocked the front ventricular branch. Left coronary artery (LAD). The tricks are done at 5:20.

The patient was in critical condition

According to Colonel, Dr. Truong Dinh Cam, Deputy Director of Military Medical Hospital 175, when he moved to the mainland, the patient was still awake, expressing his senses.

After being cared for by the doctors, the male worker was in danger. Patients will receive coronary intervention to reduce future complications.

According to BV175

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