History-making vietnamese medical staff receive medals for outstanding service

Proud Vietnamese medical staff in Bentiu have received medals for their service.

This week, the 64 men and women making up the Vietnamese medical contingent in Bentiu did not only receive UN medals for their dedication and fine work but are also making history in the process.

Why? Because as these men and women in white are nearing the completionof one year of deployment with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, they are the first ever medical staff from Vietnam to represent the country in an overseas peacekeeping operation.

The honorees, including ten women, have been providing medical services for fellow peacekeepers and locals alike. In addition, they have conducted workshops to raise awareness on gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS.

“You have contributed tremendously to the peacekeeping mission’s work in Bentiu and your legacy will be remembered by all,” said the UNMISS Force Commander Lieutenant General Shailesh Tinaikar, addressing the group at the ceremony.

The celebration was attended by a visiting Vietnamese high-level delegation led by Senior General Tran Quang Phuonng, deputy director of the General Political Department in his country.

“Our government pledges its continued support for the people of South Sudan and UN peacekeeping operations,” he declared, adding that a second contingent of Vietnamese medical staff will replace the worthy medal recipients when they return home, towards the end of the month.


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