Introduction to Military Medical Hospital 175

“Bright about medical ethics, deep in medicine, good in arts, strong in medicine”


  • The 175 / Ministry of Defense Military Hospital, located 786 Nguyen Kiem, Ward 3, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, was taken over from a Republican General Hospital, after the Liberation Day April 30, 1975. Military Hospital 175 is the last-line strategic hospital – the military military center of the South of the Army, assigned by the Ministry of National Defense to provide medical examinations, first aid, recovery, treatment and service for wounded soldiers and soldiers. people in the area; directing routes to lower level hospitals of military regions, legions from Da Nang onwards; care and protection of the health of central officials, high-ranking officers of the Army and senior officials of the Royal Cambodian Army; organized a Level 2 Frenzy Hospital to join the UN peacekeeping operation; ensure health for large Spratly Islands; educate; scientific research; international cooperation on medicine and other tasks assigned by the Ministry of Defense.


  • Over 42 years of construction, growth and development, the Hospital has over 370 doctors, pharmacists, and engineers, of which 01 Associate, 20 doctors, 87 masters, 54 specialists 2, 72 specialists 1, each year, there are more than 20 staff participating in intensive and advanced training programs in developed countries such as the US, Germany, Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore ( Strategic partner of the Hospital), the Hospital has actively contributed to reducing the health insurance patients of Ho Chi Minh City and the region, with over 150,000 cards per year; cooperating with major hospitals such as Cho Ray Hospital, Cancer Hospital, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital. The hospital has been equipped with many modern equipment such as SPECT machine, LINAC accelerator radiotherapy system, close-to-radiotherapy, biochemical testing system – automatic immunity (automationsystem); implementing modern techniques in diagnosis and successful treatment such as: X-ray and re-arterial artery regeneration with multi-sequence MDCT, vascular nerve intervention, open heart surgery, neurological surgery spine, hip replacement, full knee joint; surgery for chest and thyroid endoscopy; Biochemical patching technique with bio-colloid, pleural biopsy with needle Trucut, cancer treatment with modern techniques with SPECT, LINAC accelerator radiotherapy, close-to-radiotherapy … Regular clinic from 2,100 – 2,300 patient visits / day, receiving treatment from 1,100 to 1,300 patient visits / day. With its achievements, the Hospital was honored by the Party and the State with the title of Hero of the People’s Armed Forces (1989) and First-class Independence Medal (2015) and many other noble awards.


  • Military Hospital 175 / Ministry of Defense is striving to become a special hospital in 2020, putting into use the 500-bed Orthopedic Trauma Institute, deploying and completing the 1000-bed General Hospital with full enough specialties.


  • Come to Military Medical Hospital 175 / Ministry of Defense, patients and relatives will feel a space of green parks and medical teams, doctors, nurses, medical examination, treatment, caring and caring with the care. Magnify: all for the health of the sick and the satisfaction of the customer.

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