Japan supports the transfer of new medical technology to Military Hospital 175

On the afternoon of August 9, Japanese medical delegation and doctors led by Professor Anamo Atsushi, Director of Japan Juntendo Hospital had a meeting with leaders of 175 Military Hospital and carried out the technical transfer and surgery program. in surgical treatment for patients at Military Hospital 175

Japanese doctors and doctors directly performed heart surgery for patients at Military Hospital 175.

The two sides exchanged cooperation in many medical specialties; coordinate training and transfer of new and advanced techniques in the treatment of infectious diseases, orthopedic, cardiovascular and cancer diseases … Young doctors of both parties participate in training courses and courses short-term at 175 Military Hospital and Juntendo Hospital … Japanese medical teams, doctors and medical experts have expressed their appreciation in medical examination and treatment, development planning, in-depth investment for scientific research activities, application of new medical techniques of Military Hospital 175. The delegation committed to deploying many specific activities and programs. After the meeting, the doctors and doctors of the Japanese delegation directly performed heart surgery for a case of patients being treated at Military Hospital 175.

According to BV175

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