Medical fulcrum between the sea

After a year of operation, Truong Sa Town Health Center contributed to taking care of the health of the soldiers and people on Truong Sa Island, fishermen on fishing grounds and international fishing boats.

Take patients from Truong Sa to the mainland for emergency

At the end of May 2017, Truong Sa Town Health Center (Health Center) was officially inaugurated and put into operation. The work is a testament to the consensus, a seaward orientation of the General Staff, the Navy Army, and 175 Military Hospital; especially the contribution of people all over the country. After one year of operation, the center has contributed to taking care of the health of the soldiers and people on Truong Sa Island, fishermen on fishing grounds and international fishing boats.

Based on fishermen

Along with sending people to Truong Sa to work at TTYT in recent years, Military Hospital 175 has invested many modern equipment in an effort to save many patients’ lives. Overcoming difficulties, with the enthusiasm and talent of military soldiers, many unfortunate people have been saved. If rescuing people in distress, suffering from a serious disease which is a familiar work of the physicians in the mainland, then seizing life with death in the head of the wind with the means still lacks such as in Truong Sa. it is a miracle.

Especially, since the installation of telemedicine system (remote online consultation system) on the islands, the distance between the mainland and the island has been shortened. The telemedicine system has created the connection between the medical facilities on the island and the mainland, helping the leading experts of the hospital to observe the patients with their own eyes, directly exchange with the grassroots health and research institutions Save clinical and subclinical test results to make the most accurate diagnosis. Since then, choose the most appropriate and safe treatment for patients.

Typically, a patient with a heart attack on May 24 was transported from Da Lat Island at noon the previous day. After being diagnosed by telemedicine system, specialized doctors at 175 Military Hospital diagnosed serious illnesses, if not taken to the mainland, heart attacks and arrhythmias would lead to dead.

“It is important that the clinic must treat the patient so that it is stable, non-recurring and can extend the time to the mainland. Not only that, night-flying helicopters are extremely difficult and must have more planes to guide the way ”- Major General Nguyen Hong Son, Director of Military Medical Hospital 175 information.

Truong Sa Town Health Center Doctor is examining fishermen

Moreover, right in front of the front of Truong Sa town center, there is a garden planted with medicinal plants to treat non-medicinal diseases with many kinds of plants such as turmeric, ginger, galangal, apricot apricot, hairy dream, mugwort , bitches serrated …

Lieutenant Bui Minh Duc is managing the herbal garden at Truong Sa Town Health Center, saying that doctors also mobilize people and soldiers to plant more herbal gardens regularly to improve health and prevent disease. . In addition to saving western medicines, herbal medicines help treat many chronic diseases such as serrated bark used for fever reduction, saving stomach pain, lingering white flowers, healing wounds or burns until acupuncture, reflexology …

According to Capt. Tran Duc Linh, besides medical treatment, the infirmary medical staff is like a “Preventive Health Center”, always propagating people to clean epidemics and avoiding infectious diseases spreading on the island. . People and soldiers are equipped with medical knowledge, methods of hygiene prevention, ensuring a clean living environment, eating and drinking boiling … At the same time, the infirmary also sprayes to kill insects, mosquitoes and flies. … on the island and vaccinated against many diseases such as tetanus, encephalitis, polio for young children.

Thanks to the propaganda work, at the end of 2017, there was a fisherman with gastrointestinal hemorrhage who suffered from gastrointestinal injuries that caused the patients to go out very much. Patients must transmit more than 1.5 liters of blood because many soldiers on the island voluntarily donate blood. To do this, before that, the health clinic had a blood sample of the soldiers so that when necessary, “blood bank” could be transmitted to anemic patients.

Towards saving people at sea

According to Major General Nguyen Hong Son, the medical team and doctors in Truong Sa Island now have 12 people volunteering to go to the island to perform their tasks. Before going to the island to work, doctors and physicians have spent more than a year through many more training departments to become a team for difficult emergencies. Besides, not only meeting the demand for medical examination and treatment for the army, people on Truong Sa island, Truong Sa town center also serves fishermen exploiting seafood in this sea area and for crew members on water vessels. unfortunately, there was an accident.

“We hope to build health centers in all islands on the Spratly Islands, ready to receive all foreign vessels in distress or need medical assistance, as a fulcrum. medical in the sea, is the address of international humanitarian relief, ”said Major General Nguyen Hong Son.

After 1 year of operation, Truong Sa Town Health Center has sufficient capacity to deal with basic medical and surgical emergencies, meeting the requirements of emergency care within the framework of “golden time”. of pathology.

Truong Sa Town Health Center currently has more than 30 beds equipped with many modern medical equipment for initial medical examination and treatment to operating rooms, delivery rooms and emergency rooms. In the past year, 2,869 patients were examined and treated (of which 464 were soldiers, people were 2,137 workers and fishers were 268 times), 10 times higher than before. Over the past year, this place has also performed 396 surgeries from simple to complex such as caesarean section, stroke, multiple injuries.

In particular, Truong Sa Town Health Center has performed mediastinal abscess surgery, a serious infection that was previously acquired means carrying “death sentence”.

“This is the encouraging start of a health center in the open sea. This shows optimistic signals in health care for officials and soldiers working in Truong Sa archipelago as well as fishermen who are producing and catching seafood on Truong Sa fishing grounds ” General Nguyen Hong Son informed.

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