Military employee of DK1 rig healthy after nearly 2 months of stroke

On August 24, doctors of 175 Military Medical Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City said they had successfully rescued a soldier. This is a soldier with a stroke at DK1 rig nearly 2 months ago.

Before that, on the afternoon of July 2, Lt. Nguyen Van Man (31 years old, from Hai Phong) was working at the DK1 rig suddenly had a dizzying headache, with signs of drowsiness and tiredness, then cognitive disorder, hemiplegia.

On the afternoon of July 3, the helicopters brought Mr. Man to the emergency department at Military Hospital 175. Dr. Bach Thanh Thuy, Dean of Neurology said that the patient was hospitalized in a coma, unrecognizable. around. Doctors have CT scans, magnetic resonances to identify lesions.

Man’s soldiers recovered well after nearly 2 months of stroke.

The results showed that patients with severe right middle artery stenosis cause paralysis of the left side of the body, consciousness disorders. Because of a large-scale cerebral infarction, patients with bleeding in the infarction made the disease worse, and the prognosis was very conservative.

Patients are actively treated at the Department of Emergency Medicine and Neurology with brain protection drugs, electrolyte disorders, anticoagulants … combining support measures such as acupuncture, physical therapy . After nearly 2 months of active treatment, Man’s army has returned to normal. Currently, the left hand is still weak, holding the handle hard. After the doctor, after a while will recover.

According to Dr. Thuy, next time Lieutenant Man will return to the unit infirmary in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, continue treatment, practice physical therapy and rehabilitation with anti-relapse drugs.

According to BV175

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