Military hospital 175 receives anti-viral film produced by Isarel

The antiviral film can eliminate viruses in places where hands contact is most frequent, such as elevator buttons, ATM machines, stairs handrails, reception desks…

On October 19, Military Hospital 175 (Ho Chi Minh City) received donations for the prevention of COVID-19 from the Embassy of Israel in Vietnam and Polifim Group, which is an anti-viral film produced by Polifilm Group.

Attending the Handover Ceremony from the bridgehead in Hanoi, H.E. Nadav Eshcar, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Israel in Vietnam, shared his admiration for the efforts to treat COVID-19 patients at Military Hospital 175 throughout the previous months. Ambassador Nadav Eshcar hopes that the donated anti-viral film will contribute a part to the fight against the pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City, and help improve the people’s health. Ambassador Nadav Eshcar sympathizes with the loss suffered by the Vietnamese people as a whole, and spoke highly of the efforts of doctors and the people of Ho Chi Minh City in the struggle against COVID-19 and hopes that the pandemic situation will soon stabilize .

Col. Dr. Bui Duc Thanh – Deputy Director of Military Hospital 175 expressed his gratitude for the assistance rendered by the Israeli Embassy for connecting with Polifilm Group to Military Hospital 175, and for the generous donation to the Hospital in such a time of needs, when the COVID-19 pandemic develops complicatedly.

Col. Dr. Bui Duc Thanh, Deputy Director of Military Hospital 175 receives anti-viral film
from Ms. Vu Thi Dieu Ly of the Economic and Trade Mission, the Embassy of Israel.

According to Col. Dr. Bui Duc Thanh, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the long-term cooperation projects between the hospital and Israeli companies, which are very well known for producing medical equipment. However, this is also an opportunity for the hospital to access seminars on epidemic control and prevention topics organized by the Economic and Trade Mission of the Israeli Embassy, which has been the case in the past few months.

Col. Dr. Bui Duc Thanh, Deputy Director of Military Hospital 175
presents a letter of gratitude to Mr. Matthias Szappanos, CEO of Polifilm Vietnam.

Col. Dr. Bui Duc Thanh also stated that after receiving 10 boxes of antiviral film last week, Military Hospital 175 deployed the film on the surfaces of the clinic, meeting room tables, COVID-19 treatment areas, reception desks, elevator buttons, vending machines, elevator handrails, and stairs…

H.E. Nadav Eshcar, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Israel in Vietnam
attend the meeting online from Hanoi.
The meeting table is also covered with anti-viral film produced by Polifilm Group.

Col. Dr. Bui Duc Thanh shared his impression with many achievements in the medical field that Israel has achieved in recent years; the people of Israel have received the 4th shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. Colonel Bui Duc Thanh hopes to continue to cooperate and update the use of medical equipment with companies in the coming time through the connection of the Economic and Trade Mission, the Israel Embassy in activities, focusing on the medical examination and treatment, especially the telemedicine clinic that the hospital is about to deploy.

In his message to Military Hospital 175, Mr. Gal Saf, commercial counselor, Israeli Embassy in Vietnam affirmed that he will continue to connect and support Israel’s medical partners and is ready to support cooperation with the Military Hospital 175 in the medical field, especially high-tech healthcare.

Mr. Matthias Szappanos, General Director of Polifilm Group, said that the anti-viral film consists of two layers, with active ingredients produced by nanotechnology. These active ingredient targets and destroys the protein shell of viruses and bacteria.

Lab tests showed that more than 73% of the virus became inactivated after just 15 minutes, 90% after 30 minutes and more than 98% after 120 minutes.

Laboratory tests with strains of Escherichia coli or staphylococcus bacteria showed that 99.9% of them were destroyed after 24 hours of exposure to the film. The film can be optimally used for at least one month and is easily and safely cleaned on the film’s surface with oils, solvents and disinfectants.

Mr. Matthias Szappanos said Polifilm company has sold this anti-viral and anti-bacterial film in a number of countries in Europe and the United States. It is not only used in hospitals but also in schools, libraries, vending counters, shops and checkout counters, reception…

Military hospital 175

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