Patients with cerebral hemorrhage were taken from Changsha to the mainland for treatment

On June 13, the emergency flight to bring patients from Truong Sa island district (Khanh Hoa) landed at Tan Son Nhat Airport. After landing, fishermen – patient Huynh Hoc (born in 1963, hometown in Binh Dinh province), were quickly transported to Military Hospital 175 for emergency treatment.

Earlier on June 10, Huynh Hoc patient who was following a fishing vessel involved in catching seafood at sea had dizziness, severe headache and was taken to the Medical Center of Truong Sa island district for emergency. With the initial symptoms associated with the consultation via the Telemedicine online medical system connecting the Truong Sa Island Medical Center with 175 Military Hospital doctors, the initial diagnosis identifies patients Brain blood, dangerous and life-threatening events and appointments need to be brought to the mainland for intensive treatment with modern medical equipment.

Physicians at Military Hospital 175 received emergency patients on the morning of June 13.

After proposing and obtaining approval from superior agencies, 2 hours and 30 minutes on June 13, air rescue team of 175 Military Hospital and flight group of Southern Helicopter Company (Truc Corporation Thang Viet – Army of 18) took off from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Truong Sa. Despite unfavorable weather conditions, night flying, but flight crews and medical doctors participating in the emergency trip made efforts to overcome difficulties, receive and transport patients in critical condition at a stable level. safe land. After Huynh Hoc’s patients were taken to the mainland, 175 Military Hospital quickly deployed consultation and emergency care with the highest effort, ensuring the best treatment for patients.

According to BV175

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