Recruitment of the second phase of 2018

175 Military Hospital announces the second recruitment contract (labor contract) criteria for 2018 as follows:

1. Doctors and doctors graduating from graduate schools: 10 people, including:

  • CTCH specialist: 03 people
  • Specialist Anesthesia resuscitation: 03 people
  • Physiotherapist: 02 people
  • Doctor Image diagnosis: 02 people

For subjects who are general physicians, completed recruitment and training for orthopedic trauma training, image diagnosis, anesthesia resuscitation, Hospital support training costs.

2. Bachelor of Nursing: 35 people, of which:

  • Bachelor of nursing: 05 people
  • Bachelor of Anesthesia Resuscitation: 10 people
  • Bachelor of Nursing: 10 people (Emergency Resuscitation Nursing)
  • Bachelor of Nursing: 10 people (Nursing tools)

For the Bachelor of Nursing, the recruitment is completed, giving specialized training in Emergency Resuscitation Nursing, Resuscitation anesthesia, Nursing tools, Hospital for training funding.

Click on the link below to download information.
Thông Tin Tuyển Điều Dưỡng Cho Viện Chấn Thương Chỉnh Hình Bệnh Viện Quân Y 175

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