Training and training has made significant progress

Training and training is one of the key tasks, which are very concerned by the Party Committee of the Hospital, in recent years there have been significant progresses.

Coordinate with the Degree Training schools:

– Coordinate Military Medical Academy to organize training and complete the national graduation exam for 5 graduate classes (19 students: of which: CK1: 11 students, CK2: 8 students), well organized thesis defense for 2 classes of BSCK2 Noi – Ngoai chung 8 (08 students).
– Coordinate well with Quan y College 2 students to recruit 5 pre-medial specialties (20 students): X-ray, Eye, Anesthesia, Dermatology.
– Organizing 01 CK class of preliminary teeth and jaw 30 students, the class will end in 01.2019.
– Ensuring coordination of training institutions to improve professional capacity for 100% of nurses and technicians; 70% of doctors of the departments required in 2018.

Line training:

This is a regular task of the Hospital as well as the Training – Training Center (now the Department of Military Science – Training). During the year, coordinate with relevant departments to do well the training of the route. Results: 72 participants include doctors, physicians, nurses at all levels and hospitals in the region (troops: 37, people: 35) have been trained, learned techniques and technology transfer.

Cooperative training with foreign countries:

In 2018, the Department of Planning and Investment was active and active in advising the Party Committee of the Hospital to invite foreign experts to teach at the hospital in various forms such as organizing training courses, specialized exchanges. clinical subjects and appoint doctors to train abroad.
– According to the Training Support Program for Cambodia, during the year, it has supported 06 doctors with specialties: Foreign Belly, Orthopedic Trauma, Anesthesia, Obstetrics and Obstetrics.

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