Transfer patients from the DK1 rig to the mainland

Evening 3-7, Helicopter EC 225, VN 8619 number of Southern Helicopter Company – Vietnam Helicopter Corporation participated in transferring patients from the DK1 rig that landed at Tan Son Nhat airport.

The emergency patient was Lieutenant Nguyen Van Man (born in 1987, from Dong Hung district, Thai Binh province), staff of the DK1 rig, the Command of Region 2 Navy. Immediately upon landing, the patient was quickly rushed to the Military Hospital 175 for emergency consultation and surgery.

Emergency aircraft helicopters transferred patients from the DK1 rig to the mainland 3-7.

Earlier on the evening of July 2, Lieutenant Nguyen Van Man was playing sports with dizziness, convulsions and many manifestations of stroke. The military officer of the DK1 rig had originally examined and diagnosed it as a stroke and urgently recommended the superior to bring the patient to the mainland for emergency treatment. The patient was treated with cardiac support, sedation, maintaining blood pressure at a stable level.

With the consent of the General Staff, the Military Medical Department and functional agencies under the Ministry of Defense, the flight group led by Lieutenant Colonel Pham Ngoc Hoai is the captain, along with the doctors of the emergency line of air rescue B2 – Hospital Military Medicine 175 took the aircraft with the aircraft from Tan Son Nhat airport to DK1 rig area at 13:50 minutes on 3-7 days.

After being admitted to the hospital, patient Nguyen Van Man was sent by the Military Hospital 175 doctors to carry out a series of clinical tests, consulted with many leading doctors of the hospital to come up with the surgery plan. Art and treatment ensure the highest efficiency.

According to BV175

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