Two fishermen in Spratly Island are in danger of diving too deep

In the morning of June 9, 2019, Military Hospital 175 received first aid for 2 victims in Truong Sa archipelago. When diving deep about 20m, two fishermen suddenly tired, drowsy fall into a critical state. The air rescue team of Military Hospital 175 has taken a flight to the island to bring victims to the mainland for treatment.

The rescue team of the Air Line 175 Hospital brought two victims from Phan Vinh Island to 175 Military Medical Hospital

While fishing in the Spratlys waters, two unfortunate fishermen fell into danger and were transferred to an ambulance island hospital, but the overcrowding was forced to be treated inland. The 18th Army and the airborne rescue team of Military Hospital 175 went to Phan Vinh Island to bring 2 patients to the mainland for emergency treatment.

In which fishermen Dang Vu suffered severe multi-organ damage, if not handled promptly, multi-organ failure will progress very quickly, especially cardiovascular. The patient was given oxygen breathing, fluid infusion and blood pressure elevation. Currently both are being monitored and actively treated at Military Hospital 175.

Pressure reduction is considered a very dangerous occupational disease in fishermen and divers

According to doctors, a hypothermia or diver’s disease is damage caused by air bubbles forming in the blood vessels and body fluids when there is a sudden drop in surrounding pressure. This disease occurs in the case of a diver diving too deep and under high pressure there and rising too quickly causing a sudden drop of pressure around.

Consequences of rapid rise can form air bubbles in the skin, joints, spinal cord or in arteries that damage organs … In a hypotensive disease, many bubbles forming in the area will cause injury. That area and the corresponding clinical manifestations.

In more severe cases, the patient will have symptoms of urinary incontinence, paralysis of hands, feet, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, or possible pulmonary bleeding, myocardial infarction. If this disease is not treated promptly, it can easily lead to death or lifelong disability

According to BV175

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