What to know about health insurance – Term 2

Term 2: Health insurance card expires during the hospital stay, is the patient entitled to health insurance?

According to the guidelines of Vietnam Social Insurance (Official Letter 5917 / BHXH-CSYT dated December 29, 2017) and City Social Insurance. Ho Chi Minh (Official Letter 08 / BHXH-GĐ1 dated 02/01/2018) if the health insurance card expires during the hospital stay: the patient is only paid health insurance to the end of the use value of the health insurance card, except for 02 cases :

            – Check the card term on the portal of Vietnam Social Insurance card which has been renewed.

          – Or have a card issued by the social insurance agency, or a card issued by the card dealer, the patient will continue to receive the new term health insurance accordingly.

          In the course of hospitalization, if the card expires without the information on the new card’s expiry date (mentioned above) and the patient still needs further treatment (according to the patient’s expertise and aspirations). then, the portion of the expenses in the card limit of the patient is paid by the health insurance, the expenses incurred outside the limit of the patient’s card is self-sufficient.

          In order to ensure benefits when going to medical examination and treatment and ensuring the time of continuous health insurance participation, the insured people who have card are about to expire, should actively contact the social insurance agency or agents to sell health insurance cards to Renewal registration. In case of being treated in a hospital, the patient’s family members can go to the social insurance agency or agents to sell health insurance cards to extend the card. As long as the patient has an appointment card from the Social Insurance agency confirming that he or she is waiting for a new card, he / she still receives full benefits.

Figure 1: Results of health insurance card search expired


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